Punching Automates

The high performance punching machines DECKEL BOY and DECKEL MASTER are of a very high technical standard. Aluminium lids seal all different kinds of flexible packaging. Flat lids for example are used to cover dairy and convenience products such as desserts, cheese and yoghurts. Lids with recesses can be used to cover pet food trays.


REMELE punching automates give excellent results. They are centered to the print and multi-lane designed for effective utilization of the material.


  • 84.000 lids/hour with 4-lane punching tool on
    DECKEL MASTER 320 (lids Ø 75,5 mm)
  • 147.000 lids/hour with 7-lane punching tool on
    DECKEL MASTER 500 (lids Ø 75,5 mm)

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